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Helping Busy Manchester Professionals Transform Their Bodies and Stay in Control in Stressful Jobs


We understand that looking after yourself is not always easy whilst juggling a stressful job and a busy life. This is why we believe exercising should be an enjoyable part of your day. By working out in a fun environment you will find it much easier to stay consistent and motivated.


Our experienced trainers work with you to design and deliver personal, results focused programs designed to fit around your busy schedule, ensuring that you are able to make constant progress towards your goals. Whether that’s less stress, losing body fat, managing aches & pains or simply feeling fitter & healthier.


Having a team behind you is often the key to success.  Here at P1 we pride ourselves on our friendly, supportive community lead approach. Whether you are coming to lose fat, get a handle on your stress levels or even just to get out of the office we are here to support you.  


Route to Success

  • Get in Touch: Arrange a visit, meet our team and discover why we really are different from other gyms and fitness studios in Manchester.
  • The P1 Protocols: Follow our simple 5 step P1 fitness system to transform your body, mind and eliminate stress levels.
  • Discover the Difference: Our expert team of coaches are here for you every time you come in to support and motivate you every step of the way


Success Stories

Convenient, challenging and fun

It's such a welcoming and friendly place, with very knowledgeable trainers who know how to make things both challenging and fun. We use heart rate bands, which really adds to the sense of friendly competition and engagement. Lastly, it's super convenient. I can actually do a lunchtime class, shower (with the provided fluffy towels and really nice smelling toiletries - things that shouldn't matter but do!) and be back in the office without worry or delay.


work out while having fun!

Very creative approach to fitness, a place where you can work out while having fun! Great PTs, always there to help and instruct. Focus on body and mind... A level above any gym I have been to so far. Not to mention all-new premises and very clean.


dropped 5% bodyfat and couldn't be happier

P1 is the only place in the Centre that offers Strength & Conditioning programs and what a place this is! I’ve dropped 5% bodyfat and gained 2kg of lean muscle mass since starting, couldn’t be happier.



Many people struggle to prioritise their health & fitness due to stressful careers, long commutes and even busier home lives. Here at P1 we've created a simple, fun, yet effective fitness system guaranteed to get you fit faster, so you can look amazing, feel energised and prepared for whatever challenges everyday life throws your way.

P1's mission is to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals in a fun, friendly and social environment. Our coaches are 100% invested in helping you get the results you want. Our job is to help take the stress out of your day, and leave you feeling energised.

Based in a convenient Manchester City Centre location so you don't have to travel to fit your exercising into your busy schedule.

"Zero gym bunnies, bodybuilders or selfie taking wannabe Instagram models"

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