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We Design Programmes Specifically For YOU

  • We understand that finding the time to look after your health & fitness can sometimes be challenging. We take the hassle out of your training by building a bespoke programme, just for you. Just show up, we take care of the rest!
  • Our convenient location means it has never been easier to fit exercise into your daily routine.
  • To fit in with both your personal and your professional life, we make your training schedule flexible to move and change as you do.

All you need to do is enjoy taking some time out for YOU!

P1camp - Small Group PT Sessions

Personal training sessions can sometimes be pricey and rigid. On the other hand, fitness classes are overpopulated and generic.  This is why we have created the P1camp, taking the best of both worlds.

P1camps have a maximum capacity of 6-8 people depending on the type of class to allow our trainers to get to know you, your goals, your strengths and your weaknesses whilst focusing on technique and continuous progress.

Enjoy the session variety, the new challenges and vibrant atmosphere our community creates as you work your way through the weekly programme!

“This boutique gym, in the heart of Manchester, offers outstanding facilities, and a team that makes you feel like the most important part of the facility. For me, training in a small group is fun, challenging and I am the fittest I have been for a long time."

Melissa - P1camper

P1club - Semi-Private Resistance Training

Do more of what you love!

P1club sessions build on the amazing foundations of the Small Group sessions, but are dedicated to pushing you to the next level. Sessions are even more focused with the maximum capacity of 3-4 people and are all gym floor based, focusing more on weight training. Teams are also set for 12 weeks creating a great bond within the group

You do, however, work as part of a team with your designated P1coach 2-3 times per week. 

Learn new exercises, perfect the ones you already familiar with and change your body shape for life! 

P1private - 1on1 and 2on1 Coaching

Sometimes you just cannot beat the progress personal  training and nutritional coaching programmes allow you to make.

Our team of highly qualified professionals are equipped with diverse fitness experiences totalling at over 50 years combined. We're confident that whatever challenges you may face, we will be able help you overcome them. 

You can improve your strength, mobility, and muscle development, and achieve fat loss as efficiently as possible!

“P1 is the only place in the City Centre that offers Strength & Conditioning programs and what a place this is! I’ve dropped 5% bodyfat and gained 2kg of lean muscle mass since starting, couldn’t be happier.”

Damien  - P1private client

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P1 Has Been Designed Specifically For People Like You

"Great place to train. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, excellent equipment and facilities. Definitely recommend this place."


"My experiences has been fantastic in this incredible new studio. P1 is in the heart of the city with top of the range equipment, a full body scanner which is currently the only one in Manchester! Such fantastic facilities with a wonderful atmosphere which makes you feel comfortable to work out in."

Poppy A

"Great facilities and equipment available (and very clean). The gym staff are friendly and welcoming providing a 5 star service to all members! The classes on offer push you as hard as you want to be pushed and have been a massive factor in me getting fitter!"