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Time to start resisting exercise, Manchester

There has always been misconception that weight lifting can cause harm to our bodies and that it is exclusive to men. However, contrary to this belief, there are numerous benefits to weight or resistance training. Above all, it is for everyone and it is NOT gender specific. One thing I constantly repeat to clients is: “It’s never too late to start!”

No, you will not build enormous amount of lean muscle tissue in a week, month or even a year, so you’re safe for now!

Follow a well structured strength program

As long as you follow a well structured strength program, learn and apply the correct techniques and move with intention, good things will start to happen. Therefore, good levels of strength training is advisable to be completed before you move into activities such as running, HIIT classes and team sports. This is to help you battle wear and tear caused by these activities and prevent injuries from occurring.

The benefits of regular strength training:

  • Build functional strength for everyday life tasks
  • Look leaner
  • Injury prevention
  • Anti-aging
  • Improved brain function


  1. Am I going to look bulky? This is probably the most frequent question asked by ladies. The answer is a simple and confident no! Muscle is lean, toned and athletic, FAT is “bulky”.
  2. I just want to lose weight, do I need to lift weights? One of the main benefits of weight training is improved body composition. Even the hated phrase “toning up” suggests some sorts of resistance training of your muscles, as you absolutely CAN NOT train or tone body fat.
  3. I’ve never tried strength training before, what should I do? Do the same as you would when your car needs repairs or your boiler is broken. Get specialist help at the best gym/fitness studio in your town! Most top level athletes have a coach, personal trainers or even a whole coaching team behind them, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to optimise your training either.

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