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Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Those Extra Pounds That Have Appeared Over the Last Few Years?

Our mission at P1 is to show busy, stressed Manchester City Centre professionals that a healthier lifestyle doesn’t need to be time consuming and exercise can even be enjoyable.  Especially when you are part of a friendly and relaxed community led by knowledgeable coaches.

P1 Fitness Studio is based in Manchester City centre. We help City Centre professionals with stressful commutes, demanding jobs, hectic personal lives and very little time get in shape.

Sometimes, when the balance of work and personal life is tilted one way, the last thing people feel like doing is going to a busy gym filled to the rafters with strangers.

This is where P1 is a perfect fit. We understand that your body and the mind are connected in millions of ways. There can be no peak performance in work without adequate fitness of the body and vice versa. This knowledge and our experiences prompted us to use the P1 Fitness Protocols to look at every client individually as a whole and understand their situation in the context of their everyday life.


Can I come in and use the gym on my own?

How is a P1 different to other gyms?

How many times a week do I need to exercise?

How much does it cost?