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Results? This is how!

One of our most important beliefs is that you could exercise alone, but you shouldn’t.

Have you ever seen people sharing body heat in the freezing cold to stay warm?

It is easier together! Willpower, you see, only takes you so far in your fitness journey. It’s a form of mental energy that runs out the more you use it. Working with a coach and being part of a supportive fitness community can help you get a lot further than you could on your own. It also allows you to preserve mental energy by tapping into other people’s motivation and passion.

Are you a more P1camp or P1club?

P1camp is our Group PT programme focusing on achieving ideal body composition and general health & wellbeing. Keeping the group sizes around six participants allows the coaches to get to know you and your story in order to help you overcome YOUR challenges. This is how we’re able to provide truly personalised, tailored advice to every single member of the P1 family. 

P1club is for people who have managed to establish that all important consistency in their physical exercise routine and are ready to be pushed to the next level. P1club can be split into two main groups: Strength Club and Strong HER. Both groups perform 2-3 coached resistance training sessions per week, working as part of a small team of 3-4 people training for the same goals. Every session is planned, delivered and supervised by a P1 trainer to maximise results. Programmes run on 6 week cycles, focusing on getting stronger, fitter and leaner, as well as perfecting safe and effective weight lifting techniques. As opposed to the P1camp sessions, P1club members stay in the same group, with the same coach week in, week out forming a tight, friendly team.

“Nothing works for everyone and nothing that works, works forever!”

In order to be effective, every training programme needs to have the following attributes:
– Intense
– Metabolically challenging
– Periodised and tracked
– Engage as many joints as possible using compound exercises
– Work the muscles through the full range of motion

All these attributes are taken care of when you sign up to a P1 training programme, so you can rest assured your physical activity is as optimised as it can be. We’re also on hand to provide guidance with nutrition.

So, what is it going to be? Camp or Club?

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Head Coach and Owner of P1 Fitness Studio Manchester with the best music taste in the facility. Also a massive petrolhead!

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