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Client Stories #1

Joey was one of the first batch of members at P1, so he already trained before I joined the P1 team. I noticed that he was in the Studio most days, trained hard for short bursts, but wasn’t really training with purpose or structure.

Train with purpose and structure

“Before I started P1 Gym I was struggling with work life balance.” – Joe told us. “All my time was dedicated to long hours in the office and the majority of evening were spent attending to client entertainment, which left little time to focus on wellbeing.”

Initial contact

Our initial contact was initiated by me giving Joey a few pointers on his boxing and on his deadlifts on a couple of different occasions. As we were chatting away, he mentioned he had competed in boxing previously, so it was obvious to me that he liked to test himself. Naturally, when he made his intention to work with me clear, I had no worries about taking him on as a client.

His drive and desire to improve made me want to be part of his transformation journey.

“I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to commit the time to training and I also didn’t have a clue when it came to the most effective methods of training. I needed guidance. Plus I didn’t like the idea of training in a mainstream packed out gym as a beginner which is why I chose P1.” – says Joe. “The Studio is ideal for me located in the heart of the city centre, Peter and Abby (the owners of P1) are very welcoming, friendly and accommodating for their members. It is nice to be part of a boutique gym where every member matters and are all committed to achieving specific goals which are backed by the P1 team. I have managed to change my lifestyle and P1 has been a significant factor in allowing me to do so.”

I know how he needs to be pushed to perform

My background in combat sports makes it easy to identify the stimulus Joe responds the best to. Combining that with his determination, we’ve been able to achieve some massive strength and aesthetic transformations.

Joe agrees: “I have been very lucky to have landed with a great personal trainer in AJ who has a great level of emotional intelligence and understood straight from the off my personality and how I like to be trained. AJ has been instrumental in my development and we have worked well as a team mixing weights with boxing which I really enjoy. I have improved dramatically in a short space of time in relation to my strength, mobility and flexibility.

“I have dropped more than 6% body fat, increased my muscle mass and as a result beginning to love training.”

“I couldn’t even do a squat when a started nor a pull up with the correct technique. I can now squat 100 KG, pull ups with 25 KG attached and have also hit my PB on bench press with a max of 100KG. This has been down to AJ and the rest of the P1 team providing a great environment to train in.”

Our initial goal was to decrease body fat and go for an athletic look. We dropped body fat percentage in the first two months, and had his abs making an appearance, for the first time, since he was a teenager. Afterwards, the goal shifted to getting bigger, more muscular. Doing that, whilst trying to keep the body fat relatively low, is our new goal. Training him to be a more robust version of himself equipping him to go confidently through the challenges of day to day life and preparing him for the physical demands required, should he need to compete in the ring again.

There’s still loads of work to do but being part of that journey of growth and strength, is something that actually excites us both.

About the Author Peter Varga

Head Coach and Owner of P1 Fitness Studio Manchester with the best music taste in the facility. Also a massive petrolhead!

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