P1atform Games Day… an amazing day with amazing people on both sides!

GAMESDAY 05/03/22

“….the sun is shining, we are all winners, what could be better? Come on P1 fam, let’s go and show those sharks at Platform who’s the boss!”

On Saturday 5th March, 16 excited P1 members and all 5 coaches travelled over to Platform Performance, our friends in Dukinfield, for the P1atform Games.
Something we had been wanting to do for some time – a great way to support other like minded gyms and drive the fitness profession forward. At the same time we were able to spend some quality time with the P1 fam, have fun and raise money for the charity we work with, Access Sport:


We had the most amazing time, lots of laughter, cheering and fun as we took part in 6 gruelling games to test strength and endurance.  The more competitive amongst us were busy setting personal bests.  Never have we seen such excellent team work and sportsmanship – it was a delight to see. Each gym cheering on the other, as well as their own. 

The games included:

  1. Deadlift 3 rep max
  2. Get on your bike
  3. Hold up!
  4. AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) ladder
  5. Boat Race
  6. Glass Bridge – a take on the Squid games challenge

A great effort was made by all and I couldn’t have been more proud of the P1 fam. Cole’s team won out of the P1 crew – well done to our stars of the show, Allan, Liam, Bel and Jodie. They then went head to head against Platform’s winners in the grand finale. The vibe and noise was electric – safe to say a lot of us lost our voices from all the cheering.

Platform ended up winning overall (by seconds might I add) but both gyms celebrated together, it was truly heart warming to see.  

We will be going up against Platform again in Autumn, when we will win and bring the trophy home to live with us! ;)

Written by Abby 17/03/22

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