It can often be tempting to skip a proper warmup, while this saves time, it also increases your risk of injury

You should treat the warmup as preparation for the physical demand you’re about to put your body through. As mentioned previously, this is especially important if running an interval session, speed session, or running a race.

There’s nothing worse than running with cold muscles, you don’t quite move properly, you feel a little stiff, and you’re wishing to be anywhere else but running.

However, it doesn’t end there. Running with cold muscles also increase your risk of injury, including muscle tears. Performing a proper warmup increases blood flow to these muscles – essentially reducing this risk massively.

We can’t stress this enough – especially in winter, undergoing an interval session, or running a race warming up beforehand should be non-negotiable. There should be no such thing as ‘showing up and running’, that is unless you want to get injured and not perform your best?


We've prepared a video that walks you through the best warm up techniques and their importance to help you get more out of yourself:

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