About - P1 Fitness Studio Manchester

We Help Busy, Stressed Manchester City Centre Professionals Get in Better Shape physically and mentally.

  • Have you tried joining gyms but never really managed to stick to a routine?


  • Maybe you’ve been going to gyms on and off and never seeing meaningful results?

To get in shape, you know that exercising regularly is key. It’s not always easy to fit time for yourself into your busy schedule, and many of the ways you have tried have been boring, or failed to give you the sort of results you would like.

Finding a way of losing weight, de-stressing, and feeling fitter needs to be fun if you are going to stay motivated and finally achieve your goals.

P1 is designed specifically for people like you.

The mission of our family run business is to help people who’ve been let down by the fitness industry. We strongly believe that we need to do better! We need to show people that exercise can be enjoyable and can be easily integrated into their busy lives without it taking over.

P1 is designed specifically for people like you. We believe your workout should be the best part of your day. It should be enjoyable, effective and fit in to your busy life.

P1 was founded by Peter & Abigail who have both had life long passion for health, wellbeing and helping others.

“We wanted to create somewhere that people could come to get healthier & happier. Where you are treated with respect and as an individual. Somewhere you feel genuinely cared for, and part of the family”

Why you will love P1

We make it

  • Fun - Getting fit should be fun, every session you get to work with one of our friendly trainers to guide you every step of the way.
  • Simple - We keep things simple. We won’t ask you to do complicated workouts that will leave you stressed out, or ask you to follow crazy strict eating plans. We want you to get fit and in shape without all the stress.
  • Fast - Our sessions are short sharp and effective making it easier to fit your exercise into your day.
  • Classy - Everyone always comments about our beautiful facilities. Once you have finished your workout you can get showered and ready in style.

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This is what people have been saying about us:

​Great place to train. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, excellent equipment and facilities. Definitely recommend this place.


​All of those little details are taken care of here! I love how I don't have to wait for equipment and my PT is on hand to give me a nudge when I need it! Great for before work, straighteners and shampoo on hand!

​Katherine C

​Had a fantastic afternoon in this incredible new studio. P1 is in the heart of the city with top of the range equipment, a full body scanner which is currently the only one in Manchester! Such fantastic facilities with a wonderful atmosphere which makes you feel comfortable to work out in.


​Great facilities and equipment available (and very clean). The gym staff are friendly and welcoming providing a 5 star service to all members! The classes on offer push you as hard as you want to be pushed and have been a massive factor in me getting fitter!